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Any hours that you are able to spare to go driving with your children will definitely be beneficial. 

Your confidence in them is paramount to their progress.

Let your student drive as much as possible - to the shops, school, work, out for dinner... Before long you will most likely like being chauffeured around and when it comes time for their licence you will be confident that they can safely run errands for you also! 

Keep in mind it is REALLY important to remain calm.

If you are nervous, your child will be nervous and driving will end up being too stressful for both of you.

People make more mistakes and worse decisions when they are stressed or nervous. 

So if you are gripping for your dear life, freaking out, shouting and or often reacting suddenly it might be a good idea to discuss with their instructor about joining your child in one of their lessons. Your instructor can give both you and your child tips on how to manage stress and at the same time you will be able to see first hand your child's capabilities and progress.  





0428 964 331

JUMPSTART DRIVING SCHOOL provides quality driving lessons guaranteed to give even the most nervous driver more confidence and improved capabilities.

Whether you are a complete beginner, about to go for your
P's, need more hours or just need a few tweaks our friendly female instructor will make you feel at ease and tailor your lesson to suit.

We understand that for some people, learning to drive can be daunting. We provide the much needed support and skills that ensure our students are calm, confident, capable and well equipped with knowledge and safe decision making skills so that you will have the absolute best chance of passing your driving test first time. 

After lessons with JUMPSTART, our students Love to Drive as much as we do!

It is important to us that our students are fully capable to drive in all situations. We have found that the more varied and interesting the lesson, the more you learn and the more aware you are. So we have designed lessons to the accommodate the many areas that most of you would not have the opportunity to experience until you are out driving on your own. We cover all sorts of extra areas such as city, freeway, tunnels, country, dirt roads, heavy and light traffic, night and day, wet or dry. By doing this you will be ready for anything!!!

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